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FAQs: about using the new Appointment Hub

FAQs: about using the new Appointment Hub

What is the Appointment Hub?

The Appointment Hub is a GP, Nurse and Care Navigator. They will all sit together in the same room, and together they will review all the incoming appointment requests (online forms). The Hub will work out the necessary timescale for the appointment, and the most appropriate healthcare professional, and then respond to the patient.

A doctor will make the clinical decisions and decide on timescale for appointments.


Will I need a login to complete the online form?

No. No login is required in order to complete the online form. The Appointment Hub does not use PATCHS (which is what we have been using in recent months). Instead we have bought another piece of software which we prefer and we feel is far easier to use.

The online form function integrates with the NHS App, so it is an option to access the online form via NHS App. This is an option, not a requirement. We encourage patients to get the NHS App which can then be used for both contacting us online, ordering repeat prescriptions, and viewing medical records, all in one place.

Online forms are time consuming to fill in

The online form we will start using from 12th September has only a few questions, and requires no login. The Appointment Hub does not use PATCHS, instead we have bought another piece of software which we prefer and we feel is easier to use.

Initial feedback has been that it is easier to use. Let us know what you think.

When can I submit an online form?

You or your carer can submit requests online from 6am-4pm Monday to Friday. If you want to ask us to do it on your behalf then phone or visit us from 8am-4pm Monday to Friday.

4pm is the cut off time for any requests for routine GP or Nurse appointments. We will respond by 11am next working day.

After 4pm, if you are so acutely unwell that you may require a hospital admission, please ring the practice for same day assistance from the duty doctor.

What is the response time?

Same day response to online forms received by 11am (Monday to Friday). Response may include sending you a text message, calling you on the phone, or booking you a same day or a routine appointment according to clinical need.

Online forms received after 11am will receive a response by 11am the next morning (Monday to Friday).


I have not got a smartphone

The online form can also be filled in on a computer, and we will respond by email or phone call. Patients without a smartphone or a computer can ring us or visit us, and then our Patient Support Team will complete the online form on their behalf. We will then respond by telephone call.

How will I be contacted?

The online form asks for your preference (text or phone call). We will endeavour to follow your preference. We now use text messages as a standard form of communication with patients. Some forms may be responded to with a text message from the GP with clinical information (provided that on this or a previous occasion you have consented to receive text messages from us).  We recommend that all patients use the NHS App, our text software works within the NHS App. Thus, the NHS App can hold all your medical information in one place including messages to and from the practice.

What about children: how can they access care?

The online form can be filled in by a parent or carer without any need for login. Parents & carers will get a same day response if the online form is received by 11am (Monday to Friday). Response may include sending a text message, calling on the phone, or booking a same day or a routine appointment according to clinical need.

All pre-school children are seen the same day, as currently. School age children are seen same day if their parent or carer requests it, as currently.


FAQs: why ?


Why are you changing your appointment system again?

We have listened to patients’ dissatisfaction with our current system. We want an appointment system that works better for patients while also allowing us to continue work safely, and that better allows us to prioritise work and better uses the full range of healthcare professionals that now work in the primary care team. 

Our primary care team now involves many different healthcare professionals from mental health workers to physiotherapists to pharmacists and our aim to try to get you to the right healthcare professional.

As you may know, the pressures on General Practice are higher than they ever have been with an increased workload and insufficient funding and staffing. Sadly, our Appointment Hub is not enabling us to provide additional GP appointments however we hope it will improve patient and staff experience.

The Appointment Hub system is gaining popularity and we are seeing other practices in Leeds and more widely also starting to use it.

Why can’t I just make an appointment to see a GP if that is what I want?

Primary care has changed. There are lots of healthcare professionals within the primary care team and seeing the one most suited to your issue is quicker and more effective. Demand has grown for GP consultations and to manage this, new roles have been funded as an alternative. These new roles include physiotherapist, healthy minds workers, occupational therapist, pharmacist, dieticians who all bring their own specialist knowledge to help improve your care.

I would like to see the same GP that I saw last time: will this system help?

We agree that our continuity of GP care could be improved. Patients’ prefer it, and so do we. For ongoing issues, the Appointment Hub team can review your notes and offer care with the same doctor. For example, patients with complex health needs or for the same episode of care such as a review of a condition they have already seen the GP or nurse for.

If the request is for same day care, then we are less likely to be able to provide continuity of GP.


How long will I wait for a routine appointment?

In the future, we are aiming to offer routine GP appointments within 2 weeks but as we also want to ensure continuity of care (see above) you may have to wait longer to see your preferred GP. If demand for routine appointments is high the wait may be longer but the information you have submitted to us will help us ensure we know it is safe for you to wait.

We appreciate that longer waits are frustrating; sadly this new system is not enabling us to provide additional appointments and so we are still in the situation of having more demand for our GP appointments than we are able to supply.

Can I give feedback about the Appointment Hub?

We also value your feedback. You can use the Contact Us form on the website at any time. Also, after 4 months we will do a patient survey and ask for your feedback.