Doctor appointments

Doctor appointments

We provide two types of doctor appointments:

  1. Critical service: available 8am till 11am daily for patients who are seriously unwell and may require hospital treatment if not managed today. All patients who are seriously unwell will be able to access a GP on the same day through the Critical Service.
  2. Routine doctor appointments: to make a  routine GP appointment then please also call us on a day when you are available to speak to or see the GP. We have routine GP appointments available every day. Appointments are released daily at 8am (when we open) and 1.30pm.

[GP follow up appointments are also available when doctor has asked you to book for example about test results. You will be texted with a link to book these appointments which works on smart phone or desktop PC with up to date browser.]


I prefer to pre-book routine doctor appointments: why can’t I book ahead?

Routine appointments are released each day at 8 am and 1.30 pm.

“Book on the day” is the best way to match our capacity (that is, the number of doctor appointments we provide each day) with patient demand. Patient demand means the number of doctor appointments our patient population wants to book: demand is higher than our capacity.

[Appointments with our nursing team can be booked ahead].


I keep being told all routine doctor appointments are full: why cant you provide more doctor appointments?

Because we don’t get enough funding. Our capacity to provide is lower than the demand for our GP appointments. Lack of NHS funding is the core issue. Please support the BMA campaign to Support Your Surgery here.  We are planning our work so that first and foremost we work safely. This means a limit on the number of consultations that a GP has in one day.

We are able to book you direct with muscular-Skeletal Specialists (physiotherapists), Pharmacists and Healthy Minds Practitioners. 


What happens when all the routine appointments in a day are all booked?

When they have all been booked, our service is at capacity, so please call back on a different day. People who are seriously unwell and may require hospital treatment if not managed today, please call  between 8 am – 11am to use the Critical Service.


I can’t get through on the phone

As of October 2022, we have several vacancies in the Patient Support Team. This is affecting how quickly we can answer the phone. We have real time information showing how many callers are waiting so can divert staff as needed, howeveer there are also numerous other important tasks to fit in to the day for example issuing repeat prescriptions which takes us up to 4 hours each day. 


I have rung on 5 occasions to get a routine GP appointment but either the phone is not answered or there are no appointments left

If you feel frustrated because you can't get through on the phone or because you haven't been able to book a routine appointment, then we entirely agree with you. We are frustrated too. Please see above about funding.    If we had more funding we would be able to provide more GP appointments and more staff.

Please treat our Patient Support Team as you would like to be treated yourself. None of this situation is of their making & they are working tirelessly.


How do I give feedback about your doctor appointment system

We welcome feedback: please use the contact us form on this website.


Why can’t I book a doctor appointment online? 

We recognise that online booking is convenient for many. However, we find there is still a “job” for us to do in educating the public that General Practice is now a multi-disciplinary team. Many people still automatically book with a doctor when in fact another healthcare professional would be able to help them. (Unfortunately our physiotherapist /  pharmacist etc appointments are not available to book online, and we do not manage these services). We will keep this under review as we appreciate that online booking is convenient for patients and of course it also helps us.


Updated 7.11.22