Infection Control Annual Statement

Infection Control Annual Statement

May 2019

It I s noted that the practice relocated in May 2018, and that the new building is far superior in terms of infection control: the fixtures / fittings, and the materials & finishes now all meet correct standards. We now have clean and dirty utility room. We have decluttered all consulting rooms which are now easy to keep clean. The overall message from our annual audit (see below) was that we had made massive strides forward for Infection Control.


In line with the Health and Social Care Act 2008: Code of practice on prevention and control of infection and its related guidance, this Annual Statement will be generated each year. It will summarise:

  • Any infection transmission incidents and any lessons learnt and action taken
  • Details of any infection prevention and control (IPC) audits undertaken and any subsequent actions taken arising from these audits
  • Details of any issues that may challenge infection prevention and control including risk assessment undertaken and subsequent actions implemented as a result
  • Details of staff IPC training
  • Details of review and update of IPC policies, procedures and guidance

The Infection Control Lead will enable the integration of Infection Control principles into standards of care within the practice, by acting as a link between the surgery and the local Infection Control Team. They will be the first point of contact for practice staff in respect of Infection Control issues. They will help create and maintain an environment which will ensure the safety of the patient / client, carers, visitors and health care workers in relation to Healthcare Associated Infection (HCAI). The Infection Control Lead will carry out the following within the practice:

  • Increase awareness of Infection Control issues amongst staff and clients
  • Help motivate colleagues to improve practice
  • Improve local implementation of Infection Control policies
  • Ensure that practice based Infection Control audits are undertaken • Assist in the education of colleagues
  • Help identify any Infection Control problems within the practice and work to resolve these, where necessary in conjunction with the local Infection Control Team
  • Act as a role model within the practice
  • Disseminate key Infection Control messages to their colleagues within the practice

Practice Infection Control Lead: (Interim): Camilla Hawkes, Practice Manager

Cleaning Lead: Camilla Hawkes, Practice Manager


There have been no significant events reported regarding infection control issues in the period covered by this report.


The following audits/ assessments were carried out in the practice

  • Infection control annual audit
    • Last risk assessment carried out 20.6.18. Done by specialist external auditor from the Infection Control team of Leeds Community Healthcare Trust
    • Audit Key findings/ Recommendations / Updates
    • Protective Eye Glasses and face masks (FFP3) need to be available
    • Legionella risk assessment to be completed during 2018 - completed
    • New Members of staff need vaccination status checking and offering of Hep B vaccination if required. completed

All Clinical staff are up to date with their annual training.

All non clinical staff have either done e-learning infection control training or face to face meeting learning.

New recruits have had infection control as part of induction.

The practice has had an in-house face to face training on Infection Control in March 2019, which provided a depth of training that is not possible from online training.