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4th Dec

Cervical cancer risk reduced by HPV vaccine, research shows

A really positive story about the impact of the UK national HPV (human papilloma virus) vaccination programme, which began in schools in 2008.


12th Nov

Same Day Service overload

As at November 2021, we are experiencing high demand for the same day service: up to 100 people per morning are asking for the same day service. This reduces the time Doctor has to speak to people who are acutely unwell and increases pressure on our staff. We must maintain a safe service that gives doctor time to deal with all acutely unwell patients without feeling overwhelmed. 

Some people asking for Same Day Service in fact have ongoing issues (that is, they are not acutely unwell and do not meet our criteria for the Same Day Service). We acknowledge that the wait time for a routine appointment is longer than any of us would like and this results in people choosing to use Same Day Service instead of waiting for a routine appointment.

Please only ask for Same Day Service if you are acutely unwell as it is not a shortcut to a quicker routine appointment.

We are working really hard to provide quality care to all our patients and ask you please to respect this by booking routine appointments for ongoing issues even if that means you have to wait longer, and using the full range of services open to you. (For example your community pharmacist can see you without appointment for certain issues, for minor self limiting conditions there is lots of advice on the nhs website here). In routine appointments, you get more time with the doctor and they can then deal with your issue more fully. We are sorry if this means that you have a longer wait than you would like.

To try & ensure our Same Day Service is available for those who need it: patients who request Same Day Service but who do not have acute issues, may be asked to book a routine appt instead.

For our same day service : please call us before 11am. The same day service is for people with an acute problem or concern which means that it has worsened in the past few days, or may do so in the following few days. The same day service is a quick appointment with the doctor, to discuss only the acute reason you have told our Patient Support Team about. For ongoing issues, please book a routine appointment. After 11am our Same Day Service is reserved for people who are so unwell that the GP may need to admit them to hospital.