New Patients

Register as New Patient

  • We welcome new patients who will be living within our practice area for at least six months. Please fill in the forms which are either available at reception or by clicking on the relevant links below. Once they have been completed and returned we will be happy to book you an appointment.
  • NB that during the Covid19 outbreak we are accepting online applications for registration; see below for full details.

For guidance the practice area is bounded by: (west) Carr Manor Road, Miles Hill Road, Potternewton Crescent and Scott Wood Lane; (south) Meanwood Road and  Barrack Road; (east) Roundhay Road; (north) Princes Avenue and Street Lane.  

Practice Area

Existing patients that move outside our boundary may remain registered if they move within our “outer boundary” which extends north and south of our main boundary.

A map of our practice boundaries can be found opposite. Click on the image to use the postcode checker tool. A bigger version is displayed in the waiting room.

Please click on the link below to download a copy of our Practice leaflet.

Practice leaflet.pdf

Temporary Patient Registrations

If you are ill while away from home or if you are not registered with a doctor but need to see one you can receive emergency treatment from the local GP practice for 14 days. After 14 days you will need to register as a temporary or permanent patient.

You can be registered as a temporary patient for up to three months. This will allow you to be on the local practice list and still remain a patient of your permanent GP. After three months you will have to re-register as a temporary patient or permanently register with that practice.

To register as a temporary patient simply contact the local practice you wish to use. Practices do not have to accept you as a temporary patient although they do have an obligation to offer emergency treatment. You cannot register as a temporary patient at a practice in the town or area where you are already registered.

Online New Patient Registrations

We are now accepting online applications for registration: this is a 3 step process.

  1. Check that you live in our boundary area, and that you will be resident for 6 months.
  2. Complete the new patient questionnaire below and email it to us at This does not complete your registration. 
  3. After we have received the questionnaire, then we will email you a link to complete the registration process online. We will do this in 48hours of receiving the completed questionnaire.

Babies, and children age up to 15 years old

As above only please to complete the relevant questionnaire. 



OR Complete paper registration forms ...

If you do not wish to do the online 3 step process then instead please come in to the practice and complete all three necessary forms: registration form, the relevant new patient questionnaire; consent form for sharing health records.

We need all forms please for every person that would like to register, including children. Unless we receive all 3 forms then we are unable to register you

Please fill them out and bring them in to the practice.

  • If you have any additional communication support needs then please let us know - this is in the New Patient Questionnaire
  • Please read the information on this website about Medical Records. It includes information about: how you can indicate your preferences for when and with whom your records are shared ; viewing your medical records online, etc). For information:download local Leeds leaflet on Sharing Healthcare Records:

We look forward to seeing you in the practice soon.

Sharing Healthcare Records..pdf

Named GP

Every patient at St Martin's Practice has a named GP who has overall responsibility for the care and support that our surgery provides to you

Please note that you have a choice of which GP you see, you are not restricted to your named GP. All our GPs work as a close-knit team, and all have access to your medical records.

All our GPs work part-time; you may fin it helpful to ask which days of the week your preferred GP works.

[Page updated: 22.6.16]


If English is Your Second Language ...

These fact sheets have been written to explain the role of UK health services, the National Health Service (NHS), to newly-arrived individuals seeking asylum. They cover issues such as the role of GPs, their function as gatekeepers to the health services, how to register and how to access emergency services.

Special care has been taken to ensure that information is given in clear language, and the content and style has been tested with user groups.

Open the leaflets in one of the following languages: