Practice Philosophy

  1. SMP will at all times prioritise the provision of high quality health care over financial gain. SMP will consider income generating projects when they deliver an improved service to our patients.
  2. SMP believes that patients & carers are partners in healthcare. We will work to empower patients, fostering self-sufficiency, promoting wellbeing & preventing ill health through effective communication, signposting & empathic negotiation regardless of their life choices.
  3. We operate an open door policy, accepting all patients within our practice area irrespective of need, health & social circumstances. SMP will seek to actively recognise vulnerability in patients & act accordingly, ensuring ease of access & equitable quality of care.
  4. SMP prioritises the development of long-term relationships to promote wellbeing & health gain. We require patients to interact responsibly with us, within their capacity, as outlined in our Patient’s Charter. In the event of challenging behaviour, we will explore all options for reconciliation & will only remove a patient from our list once all avenues are exhausted. We are committed to patient involvement in the delivery of our services.
  5. SMP acknowledges there are societal systemic issues that result in discrimination and oppression. We have a responsibility to prevent this in our practice and workplace: recognise it if it occurs and take appropriate action. We also advocate on behalf of our patients when facing discrimination elsewhere. We will identify & respond to local need relating to ethnicity, diversity & social exclusion.
  6. SMP recognises the justice & aspiration of national clinical standards, & will work to meet them. We will use relevant outcome measures to evaluate our service & identify areas for development. We aspire to be in the top 5% of any local or national audit.
  7. SMP is committed to practicing medicine on the basis of the best available evidence, rather than on the basis of advertising or promotion. Therefore we do not accept money, gifts or hospitality from the pharmaceutical industry; we seek unbiased sources of information rather than that distributed by drug companies; we avoid conflicts of interest in our practice, teaching and/or research.
  8. We are committed to a democratic, team-based approach to working & strive to create an environment of mutual learning, mutual respect & validation for each member of the team with sustainable workloads for all.We have a duty of candour & will acknowledge & learn from any mistakes that we may make.
  9. SMP will strongly encourage sharing of experience, knowledge & risk within a multidisciplinary & cross-sector working style to deliver holistic health & social care to our patients
  10. SMP in the climate emergency is committed to developing sustainable working practices that minimise environmental impact.

Page updated 7.7.20