Services from other healthcare professionals working with us

Antenatal care

The midwife is with us for 2 days a week offering antenatal care. If you are pregnant then your first appointment is for 90 minutes and our Patient Support Team can book you an appointment. (There is no need to see a GP first, in order to access routine antenatal care.)

Recovery from substance abuse

We have a full time Recovery Co-ordinator on site, who will work with you if you have an addiction to alcohol or drugs. Our Patient Support Team can advise you about how to make an appointment to see Kathryn.


This is a telephone appointment service for when you have medication queries and issues and need to speak to a pharmacist. For example, you are having side-effects, there are supply issues and you need an alternative. The pharmacists are able to prescribe and organise prescriptions electronically. 

Muscular-Skeletal service (physio)

This is a telephone appointment service for patients who need to speak to an advanced physiotherapist regarding muscle and joint problems. They will issue advice and where appropriate arrange a follow up. Our Patient Support Team can book you directly into these telephone appointments, which are all on the weekends and evenings.